During this period, the Company changed its name several times. Due to Company’s accession to the Association of Manufacturers of Precision Equipment in 1975, the Company's name was changed to PREDOM-MESKO Metal Works. By order of the Minister of Metallurgy and Machine Industry, the name was changed to Zakłady Metalowe MESKO. In 1988 by order of the Minister of Industry, the name of the Company is changed to Zakłady Metalowe by the name Gen. Władysław Sikorski, and in 1994 renamed to Zakłady Metalowe MESKO S.A.


Commissioning of the newly build facilities: the Promień Hotel, the Senior Club, the PZW and PZŁ Club and finally 500 company’s functional apartments are handed over to the staff.


In 1980, the NSZZ Solidarność (Solidarity Trade Union) was established in the Company.


After the introduction of martial law, the militarization of the Company begins, and a year later status of the Company changes to a defense industry enterprise. In 1994 the restructuring of MESKO begins, including: organizational and ownership transformations, reduction of non-productive assets and employment, implementation of new products for production, increasing sales, production costs reduction and final transformation of the Company into a Sole-Shareholder Company of the State Treasury under the name of Zakłady Metalowe MESKO S.A.


In the newly established Department of Market Products the mass production of mechanized household appliances is developing. The technology of casting elements on casting machines with a WOTAN type hot chamber is introduced. The 10th million lighting frame is produced. 22 new products are launched, and there are 112 of them in total. The production so far is still maintained at a high production level. At the same time the production of electric lawn mowers is launched, the facility for melting and refining technological waste, and the production of the GAD missile (aerial version of Strzała 2M), which was entirely developed by specialists from ZM MESKO. The range of civilian products is expanding. The most important of them are: rotary mowers, tedders and rakes, electric and gasoline lawn mowers, electric meat grinders, juicers, pizza ovens, sodium lighting frames, food processors for the KREFFT Company.


During this period, approximately 24 special production products are implemented for country’s defense needs, including GROM MANPADS. In 1996 a decision is made to establish cooperation with Rafael Israeli Company, and in 1999 Norwegian NAMMO concern in the field of medium caliber ammunition, unguided rockets, and demilitarization of outdated combat resources.


The year 1999 ends with the establishment of household appliances production plant MESKO-AGD Ltd. and the creation of Lighting frames production plant MESKO-OPRAWY Ltd.


At that time, the CEO of ZM MESKO was successively:


  • 1975 – Jerzy Klechowski, Eng.
  • 1981 – Józef Kubiakowski, PhD, Eng.
  • 1990 – Roman Musiał, MSc
  • 1993 – Stefan Miernik, Eng.
  • 1997 – Andrzej Piątek, Eng.
  • 1999 – Waldemar Skowron, MSc


Awards and events:

  • The award of the Main Technical Organization on the occasion of Świętokrzyskie Days of Technology and Innovation in Kielce for the development of construction and technology and launching the production of electric meat mincer JAGA;
  • BARTEK food processor received golden medal at the Dominican Trade Fairs in Gdańsk;
  • 1st place for the Company’s Club of Technology and Rationalization in the metal industry in Kielce province/ Kielce Voivodeship;
  • 2nd place prize for “Automatic Grinder” and the development and implementation into production of modern stamping/pressing/embossing technology;
  • Gold medal for the JAGA meat grinder with attachments received in Poznań City;
  • Silver medal for a juice extractor with a mixer and a grinder;
  • The 1st team award of the Chief Technical Organization for outstanding achievements in the technology development;
  • Awarding 2nd Class Order of the Banner in the competition for the title of the “Leading KTiR in the country”, the Company’s Club of Technology and Rationalization is in the 1st place in the voivodship, and 4th in Poland;
  • The Defender Award for the joint product offer for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces at the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce;
  • The Defender Award for a portable anti-aircraft missile set GROM at the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO in Kielce.